Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is molded after many popular turn-based RPGs on mobile games.  It shows a familiar environment for mobile gamers.  Players can unlock characters which act like game pieces that each have their own special abilities.  All of which can be upgraded to utilize increased offensive and defensive capabilities. 

When playing the game, each character starts with one special ability and a basic attack.  You can get all the characters by collecting data cards by purchasing with in-game currency or by using in-app purchases.  Each data card contains a randomly generated item so you might get a playable character. Know more about starwarsgalaxyofheroeshackonline in this url.

Character selection is quite impressive which features characters from the two trilogies, as well as those in the Clone Wars television series.  There are fan favorites like Darth Vader, Leia, Boba Fett and Obi-Wan. 



Since this is a Role Playing Game (RPG), it would  inspire you to acquire more heroes on your team that you will train in order to defeat the dark force.  In order to maximize your gameplay, you will probably be looking for online Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats. 

One site that can give you the best cheat for the game can be found at  One way of gaining success is to collect lots of crystals.  Having these will help you advance in the game and it would surely keep you in good standing. 

Another way of getting ahead of the game is by upgrading your characters.  The cheat can increase your credits, hence, you can then upgrade your best characters .  For every hero that you unlock, you will see that they have their own special skills so it is a must that you are familiar with all of your hero’s abilities and special skills to conquer a fight.

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