More Information About Clenbuterol Syrup Side Effects

In 2007, the medical community nixed the Size Zero Pill due to product misuse. Chemically known as Clenbuterol, the Size Zero Pill has surpassed the sales of all slimming pills in the market, in year 2007. Most of the consumers are reportedly celebrity circles of Hollywood.

Originally, the Size Zero Pill was developed to aid horses with asthma and to make an elephant starve. However, people discovered the shocking strength of the product and used it as a weight loss pill. This product acts as a fat burner, not a fat blocker.

However, it is important to note that excessive intake of Clenbuterol, especially without the right prescription, might lead to severe side effects like racing heart, panic attacks, and heart failure.

Visible results are bony-like appearances, gaunt looking faces, and chicken legs brought by the intense fat burner chemicals inside the pill. Also in 2007, the F.D.A. together with the medical fraternity was urged to re-assess the pill, and to require the manufacturer to do clinical testing like what is done with other slimming products. It has to be done before the product is released to the market to help ensure safety.

The Side Effects

Clinical tests revealed the intense power of Clenbuterol with its ability to suppress hunger for up to 9 hours. Clenbuterol syrup side effects like increase of heart rate, panic attacks, and even heart attacks may be noticed when taken in large doses. These side effects are harmful and may lead to much severe attacks when tolerated. As a result, the Size Zero Pill was banned in some countries in Europe. However, it is still available in the U.S. up to now.

Fortunately, Proactol, the award-winning fat blocking product of 2007, together with Alli, have proven that slimming pills can still be safe and effective. Dangers associated with weight loss are unnecessary and avoidable with these products.

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